Protagonism of communities
and income generation

Credits: Amora Produções

Promoting the Bioeconomy means generating income and improving the quality of life of small and medium-sized producers, family farmers, traditional peoples and communities, through the promotion and structuring of value chains and productive systems of foraging and sociobiodiversity based on the sustainable economic use of natural resources and the promotion of renewable energy sources.

Consumers can adopt small practices that help them buy in a more sustainable way. Always research, look for labels and for the possibility of tracing products from their origins - those who work sustainably want to tell their story to everyone! Think about commitment: better value chains are built one day at a time and achieve results in the long term - don't expect perfection from processes which are still under construction, be part of them!

Good examples in Bioeconomy:

Origins Brazil Seal

Origins Brazil® is a network that promotes sustainable businesses in the Amazon in priority conservation areas, with guarantee of origin, transparency, traceability of the value chain and promotion of ethical trade."

Taste of the Amazon

Environmental conservation and income generation for local communities. The collective brand "GOSTO DA AMAZÔNIA" is born from this harmonious combination, with the strategy of promoting the joint marketing of wild managed pirarucu. The goal is to develop the main values practiced by the institutions involved in this process: the preservation of nature, fair and transparent trade and sustainable local and social economic development.

National Seal of Family Farming

The Seal identifies the origin and provides the characteristics of family farming products, with the purpose of strengthening the social and productive identities of the various segments of family farming before consumers and the general public. To enable the traceability of the origin of the products, the Seal is identified with a specific image, a QR code and a serial number.